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Matt and I take great pride in raising the best catahoula cur dogs around. My dogs have won many awards in different competitions they have participated in. My dogs are registered with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoula.So our Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs For sale are well trained and very friendly with kids and other pets.

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The catahoula cur dog is an American dog breed that was named after ,Catahoula Parish in Louisiana. In 1979, Governor Edwin Edwards named the catahoula cur as the state dog in recognition of their importance in the history of their region. Then their name was officially changed to Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. These dogs have also been referred to as Catahoula Hog Dogs for the use of these dogs as wild boar hunters.People ask how much does a catahoula dog cost,Price of catahoula lepard dog,Catahoula Leopard dog breeders,where to adopt a catahoula leopard dog,catahoula leopard dog pitbull mix,catahoula leopard dog puppies for sale,catahoula leopard dog puppy,catahoula leopard dog rescue,catahoula leopard dog breeders midwest,louisiana catahoula leopard dog for sale,catahoula leopard dog mn,catahoula leopard dog lab mix,catahoula leopard dog size.The appellations can go on and on and on.What you should know is, you can adopt a catahoula leopard dog or Catahoula leopard dog for sale and have it delivered within the USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA andin fact worldwide.